Hand Crafted Home Decor

At Yarbough Design, we believe that each home should be like its owner - unique.  Celebrate your individuality with our handcrafted home decor items designed to make your home as distinctive as you are.

Reflect Your Style

Oculus Wall Mirror by Yarbough Design


Crafted from solid hardwood and metal, these mirrors evoke a sense of strength while also reflecting the warmth of their owners. Versatile and strong, Industrial mirrors make a statement in any space.

Abstract Wall Mirror by Yarbough Design


The Unique collection just likes to have fun! Their abstract shapes challenge us to see beauty in original and surprising places. The Unique collection is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise predictable world.

Piano Wall Mirror


Stylish but subtle, mirrors in the Simply Sophisticated collection are the multi-taskers of the art world, blending form and function effortlessly, allowing you to handle life’s daily tasks with flair.



Emphasizing form over function, the Artistic collection of mirrors are true works of art for those who appreciate the beauty in all of life’s moments. Explore commission-only artistic works and concepts.

20" 8 Ball Wall Mirror


These mirrors are a visual representation of life’s little joys. A celebration of gathering, the Entertaining mirrors reflect the spirit of fun in all of us.

Every piece of modern art and decor is handcrafted by Kevin Yarbough in his Northern Virginia workshop. A variety of materials and processes are used to create the finest quality art and decor pieces for any style and space.

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